These hidden gems make Curacao the ultimate vacation destination

Check out these ideas for 24 hours of hidden gems on the island of Curacao.

Marshe Bieu (Old Market) Start off the day by walking through the old market, and enjoy get a taste of authentic Curacao by sampling the wide variety of food stands. (Update: due to building renovations the food stands are temporarily housed in the New Market, the round market building a stone's thrown from the Old Market)

Landhuizen Former plantation homes turned into museums and reception halls are scattered throughout the countryside. Some are open to the public for tours.

Chobolobo Liqueur Distillery Stop for a short tour where you can learn the history of genuine Blue Curacao liqueur.

Curacao Ostrich Farm An unlikely attraction in the Caribbean, these flightless birds are oddly at home throughout the island. Curacao Ostrich Farm is located on the eastern end of the island and offers guided tours that mix fun and education.

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