Rebel Diving

Rebel Diving Curaçao is a professional and personalized diving center, owned and run by the Rebel herself. With all the passion and all the excellence, she takes you on your great diving adventure in the Caribbean Ocean at Curaçao.

With passion, every dive and every course has a personal touch to the wishes and level of the diver. This results in private diving in small groups and courses on the whole Southern part of the island. No fixed schedules, flexible where you want to dive and when you want to dive. Rebel is a local diver so you will be taken to the most amazing places where all the other diving centers hardly go. This results for you in diving at amazing reefs and enjoying amazing life.

For more information see our website:
SSI dedicated dive center – Rebel Diving Curacao

At Gosa Bunita we endorse the Rebel Diving school and its only a 2 min walk from our apartments.