How Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen saved his parents' home, and influenced an island

The younger Jansen was a former catcher with a big arm and an uncertain future when he made his major league debut in Los Angeles in the middle of the 2010 season. The same night, nearly 3,500 miles away, his family was about to lose the house in which he grew up.

This house. The brown house. The one across from the dusty dirt lot, 74 Kokolishi street.

A stroke had cost his father his construction company and defending a lawsuit related to the business had robbed the family of what little money it had left.

“Some days we didn’t have food on the table,” Verney Jansen says softly. “It was tough, man.”

Kenley wired home the meal money the Dodgers gave him — pocket change to most big leaguers but a lifeline to his family in Curacao. Soon, he began sending his paycheck home.

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